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Live, Laugh, Legumes is your one-stop shop for a variety of delicious recipes featuring Legumes.

The term “Legume” includes Soy, Green Beans, Peas, Pulses (Lentils and Dried Beans) and more. They are a common food ingredient in the Indian Sub-continent, Middle-East and parts of Africa and South America. Did you know that they are high in protein, packed with minerals, loaded with fibers and has minimum amount of calories per serving. So, why not eat them, right?!

My aspiration, through this blog, is to teach you how to cook tasty dishes with Legumes and to help you in crafting your own healthy lifestyle. In this blog the show-stealer of every one of my recipes will be, you guessed it right, Legumes. Here, you will see traditional dishes (to do justice to all those lovely Nanas, Ammachis and Abuelitas who developed these recipes through shear hard work and years of experience), creative offshoots and fresh ideas. I promise to have treats for my vegan, vegetarian, paleolithic diet enthusiastic and meat-loving friends out there!

Fun facts about Legumes: Tamarind and Peanuts are also classified as Legumes.

I am a Food Scientist by profession and live in Ontario, Canada. I am a huge aficionado of healthy home cooking and besides thoroughly enjoying unlocking the flavours and benefits of mystic food ingredients, I sincerely believe that food is medicine. Just to be clear, we are not talking about preservative laden, saturated fat-filled or heavily processed food here (mmm! guilty pleasures!).

My roots come from Kerala, also known as the spice garden of India. Having been raised in Dubai, a land with an immensely rich food culture, I was boundlessly exposed to charcoal grilled Kababs, extravagant Mezze platters and juicy Shawarmas which leaked tasty goodness down my fingers as I attacked them. Yes, I grew up eating those along with my mom’s spicy and vibrant Indian Biryanis and Curries. Needless to say, I was a plump kid.

My cooking started in my mom’s kitchen who patiently watched me turn her kitchen upside down while happily cooking my dishes. Pets were not common in Dubai at that time. But, I had one; a guinea pig; my younger brother, who happily wolfed down anything and everything I served him as long as it looked fancy. Thanks to these two I was not afraid to experiment in the kitchen. After coming to Canada to pursue my Masters degree in Food Science, I embarked upon an exploratory food journey; which is why my kitchen cupboard is bursting with wonderful ingredients from all over the planet. This and some very good friends is what inspired me to start Live, Laugh, Legumes.

Fun facts about me: Foodie, Culinarily Curious, Foodie (…wait, did I already say that?), Avid Spice and Herb collector, Garlic-lover, Aspiring Solopreneur, Daydreamer.

So, if you are equally pumped about these power-packed gems, let’s unite here in my cyber kitchenette to unearth their secrets!

Ria Thomas